A Few Words About Us

Appetite is an endeavour of Vineeta Somani to provide home cooked quality food ensuring authenticity and taste.

Cooking is taught in an air conditioned congenial environment with simple, easy to cook methods and recipes which makes cooking enjoyable and interesting, so give up your fear of cooking and enroll to discover the gourmet enthusiast in you..

The Classes here have inspired thousands of young aspirants into cooking and also turned several into expert cooks. So if you are just a novice or a homemaker wanting to learn newer recipes & styles or an enthusiast, eager to add new dimensions to a frequent habit of entertaining, then walk right in.

Why Choose Us

Vineeta Somani's commitment, zeal, enthusiasm and passion for her work and willingness to share knowledge, skill and experience has now propelled her into one of the finest teachers of cookery.

>> Courses duration range from 1-3 days.
>> Each recipe is demonstrated step by step.
>> Each session is of two and a half hours, from 11am-1.30 pm or 4:00pm-6:30pm.
>> Detailed and accurate notes are provided for each class.
>> Classes are held in a fully equipped modern class room.
>> To enrol for a class, you can check the schedule and you can confirm your attendance by email or you can give us a confirmation call before coming for any class.


Fantastic class. Very informative and enjoyable. I look forward to using what I have learned in Appetite. Perfect food, perfect institute, perfect class. Well worth your time and money.


Appetite provides a relaxed and comfortable environment where quality food is taught in very easy step by step methods.Highly recommended by all of us students. Cooking suddenly no longer seems a pain. Its invigorating and exciting.


One of the best cooking classes I have attended. I used to dump all the recipes but after these classes, I have made an effort to try out most of them.


We had a fantastic time and would love to go back for different classes. We want to go back home and try the recipes because they are so simple.